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Lolitas Top 100

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 06:48:16 -0800 (PST)From: Tim Mead Subject: "Dr. Tim and the Boys," ch. 44The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic eventsbetween men. If you shouldn't be reading this, don't.In the world of this story, the characters don't always use condoms. Inthe real world, you should care enough about yourself and others to alwayspractice safe sex.The author retains all rights. No reproductions or links to other Lolitas Top 100 sitesare allowed without the author's consent.The first section of this chapter was written by PLM, who some time agocame up with the term "the Nifty Six." Thanks, P., for the name and forthis opening scene! Thanks to Johnny for helping me understand Tim alittle better as he struggles with the problem of Rick. And I'm alwaysgrateful to Tom W., my invaluable editor and occasional co-author, as wellas to my other Nifty Six friends, Patrick, Ash, Mickey, and Evan.timmead88yahoo.comChapter 44: Some Guilt and Some Joy[Philip Halifax wrote a column for the university newspaper, and he aspiredto be a writer. Like many writers, he kept a kind of journal or diary.Like most who do so these days, he wrote it on his pc. The following is anunedited fragment from his pc journal. I include it because I think itshows his state of mind at the time of these events. -- TM]My drive, to work for the liberation of GLBT Lolitas Top 100 kids, has done some damage Inever intended, or expected.I may have done some psychological damage to my G-man, too! God . . . . Ithink I'm falling in love w/him . . . fast!! And, shit, I thought I wuzgonna play the field for years! Who'd a thunk it??Max doesn't trust me.Sometimes, I don't even trust me. Is that screwed up, or what? BUT. . . I'm NOT a bitch! I'm NOT cruel, just mixed up. SighhhhhhhMy writing served a purpose in describing what happened in FL. I was justtrying to report what happened. I NEVER Lolitas Top 100 wanted to hurt anyone, but myarticle is now forcing peeps to come out!I'm so scared now. Yeppers . . . me . . . Lolitas Top 100 the big know-it-all mega Prez.Why can't life just be simple? Why can't ppl just get along? I guess Inever realized how powerful the press can be.Am I growing up, or just growing stoopid, man?Hey, if all those guys only knew just a part of what I had gone through asa Lolitas Top 100 kid, maybe they'd have a different take on the me that is me now.I just went back and read what I have written. Why am I always talkingabout ME?? I'm wondering why I'm always obsessed about ME? Gotta do someMAJOR thinking about that. Maybe I gotta think more about my G. than me.Does any of this make sense? If so, please explain me to me.I'm really down tonight.I'm so afraid.* * *CEDRIC:I came in just in time to hear Tim Lolitas Top 100 say to someone on the phone, "Is he acriminal? Is there something about him that would give us reason to say hehad misrepresented himself? And how do you happen to know about Rick?"I assumed he was talking to Doug, and his questions grabbed my attention."Rick Modarelli is? I find that hard to believe." Pause. Lolitas Top 100 "Yes, ofcourse. I understand. Certainly he would. It's just that I found the guyso likable. Well, sure, if he's capable of that, he'd be capable of anysort of duplicity." Pause. "Well, you deal with Doug as you see fit."Pause. "I honestly don't know. You're the lawyer. There isn't anything Ican do at this point, is there? I don't even know whether that sort ofhearsay would have been grounds for saying anything to Gwen even before weoffered him the job." Pause. "Yes, well, I understand. We need to talkabout this again after you've discussed it with Doug." Pause. "Yeah, Ifeel like I'd been kicked in the gut, frankly. Please give Doug our love.And Cedric sends love to both of you," he said, looking at me. "Yes, soon.Goodbye for now, Stan."Tim did look as if he'd been kicked in the gut."What the fuck was that all about, babe?""In a nutshell, Rick Modarelli is the reason Doug isn't at Cranmer. He'sthe reason Doug quit teaching.""No way!""That's what I thought until Stan explained.""So, what happened?""Let's have a glass of wine. It's not too early is it?""Well, it's only 4:30, but under the circumstances, let's do it."We went into the kitchen and poured ourselves glasses of shiraz. We tookthem back into the living room and fell into the chairs that faced eachother at right angles to the sofa. I unlaced my shoes, took them off, andpropped my feet on the coffee table. Tim, already in his socks, put hisfeet up, and wiggled his toes.He took a sip of his wine. "Stan says Doug and Rick had an affair whenRick was a senior. Doug really fell in love with him. He thought Rickloved him. Then Rick must have told his fraternity brothers the details oftheir sexual activities, and Lolitas Top 100 the fraternity guys started a campaign allover that small campus to humiliate Doug. He was openly called things like"Professor Fudgepacker" by some of his students. He got the nickname"Brownie Curtis," which spread all over campus, even into the studentnewspaper. Doug, sensitive soul that he is, simply couldn't face all that,so he left Cranmer. His parents died in an accident about then, and he hadto take time off to deal with their estate. He decided, now that he wasfinancially independent, to stay away from teaching and work on Lolitas Top 100 a novelhe'd always wanted to write. So he holed up, almost like someone in exile,in Lake Polk. Stan says the whole affair with Rick is still such a sorespot that Doug can hardly bear to talk about it even today.""Do you suppose," I asked, "that's why Rick doesn't have any letters in hisfolder from his Cranmer professors?""Yeah, that must be it.""From this end, it seemed as if Stan was pretty upset.""He was. He was really vituperative about Rick. And he's worried aboutwhat it will do to Doug to know that Lolitas Top 100 Rick will actually be teaching herenext year.""Well, he must have known Rick was somewhere.""Yeah. Stan says Doug knew that Rick had gone to Brown to work on hisdoctorate. He thinks Doug would go to great lengths never to see Rickagain. He doesn't even want to confront him about why he did what heapparently did." Lolitas Top 100 Tim sipped some wine and stared at the fire in thefireplace. After a while, he looked at me and asked, "Ced, what in hell amI going to do?"I took a swallow of wine while I considered that question. "Doug seemslike a great guy. And you know how much I love Stan. He's been like asecond dad to all of us.""Yeah, babe, I know.""But maybe we should give Rick the benefit of the doubt. At least until wehear his side of the story.""You're going to be a good judge some day, Ced." Pause. Sip. "But howare we going to get Rick to tell us his side of the story?""Is there any rush, beyond our own curiosity?""No, I suppose not.""Well, then, he'll be coming back here to look for a place to live sooneror later. When he does, we'll get together with him and ask him about it.""And how do we explain our knowledge of the affair, much less our interestin it? Stan says Doug doesn't want Rick to know where he is. ApparentlyRick made some effort after he was in grad school to track Doug down. Hecalled the English Department at Cranmer and asked, but they refused togive him any information. I imagine Rick's father would have had ways tofind Doug, and I think it says something for Rick that he apparently didn'tavail himself of them.""Tim, we spent a whole evening with Rick. Tell me honestly, did you havethe impression that he is the kind of guy who would do something likethat?""Honestly, no. I guess he fooled us, didn't he?""Benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven . . . or confessed. . . guilty, babe, remember?"He took another sip of wine and smiled weakly at me. "Yes, Ced, you arebeing more mature, more reasonable than I am at the moment. We have tokeep our objectivity here. I'll ask Gwen's secretary to let me know whenRick comes back to town.""I think that's all we can do for now." I went over to his chair and heldmy hands out. He took them. I pulled him up, put my arms around him, andallowed us both to fall on the sofa."Ouuff!" He laughed. I squeezed him close and kissed his ear. We cuddleduntil time to start supper.* * *GEOFF:Marybeth Connor and I had worked together on several projects in our infosystems courses. She knew I was gay and she was cool with it. She waslike a sister in some ways. She occasionally criticized the way I dressed.She worried that I wasn't eating properly. And she kept pushing me to finda guy. When Philip came along, she was really happy for me. Withoutasking about the gory details, she often wanted to know how things weregoing between us. I kept assuring her that it was blissful.One morning after class she dragged me to a small lounge in our building.We put money in the machine and got some terrible coffee. We sat at aFormica-topped table in the corner."OK, Marybeth, you're dying to tell me something. So spill, girl!""Geoffrey, I'm not dying to tell you this at all, but I wouldn't be yourfriend if I kept it to myself."I grinned at her. "So what's the deep, dark secret?""You know Sylvia Berg, don't you?""Yeah, I think so. She's been in some of our classes.""Uh huh. Well, she lives in the same building with Philip.""And . . . ?""And the other morning, she saw the bastard come out of their buildingearly in the morning, like 7:30, with a younger guy. They were obviouslytogether. They talked for a minute in the parking lot. Then Halifaxkissed the other boy, they got into their separate cars, and left.""Well, there could have been a reason for that.""Yeah, Geoff? Like what? If they came out of the building at that hour,they'd obviously spent the night together. That slimy son of a bitch. Icould cut off his balls!""Not necessarily. I can't believe Philip would do that now that we'retogether. I mean, I know he had a pretty active sex life before he and Ihooked up, but Lolitas Top 100 he's been so sweet since then. He is gentle when we makelove. He comes to hear me play every chance he gets. He even came alongone night because the roads were bad and he didn't want me coming home latealone. How could he be that way and spend the night with some other guy?""Maybe you'd better ask him.""I don't think I can do that."She put a hand on my cheek. "Geoff, sweetie, you'd better figure out howto ask him, or you may be letting yourself in for a world of hurt."`Oh, fuck! Just when things were going so well.'* * *Tim looked at the clock. It was 1:00 AM. Cedric lay beside him, snoringlightly.Tim clasped his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. Hecouldn't exactly see the ceiling, but he stared up at it. There was enoughlight coming in from the streetlight on the snow outside that he could makeout the furniture in the room and, when he turned his head, he could seehis lover's dark head against the white of the pillowcase.Wide awake, he rehashed once more what he had learned from Stanley earlier.Although he had talked with Doug fairly often on the phone Lolitas Top 100 over the lastfew months, he had only been with him for two days. That was when they hadall gone to Florida to be with Doug as he made his protest in front of thecathedral in Waltersburg. Not all that much longer than he'd spent withRick when Rick was in town for his interview.He felt close to Doug. First because Stan so obviously loved him. Stanhad changed, mellowed, lost his abrasiveness . . . most of the time. Stanstill sparkled with enthusiasm, wit, humor. It was just that having Dougin his life seemed to have softened him a little. Tim, though he hadalways found Stan a little intimidating, also found him very sexy. Timloved Stan, and he liked what Doug had done to Stan. He had instinctively,immediately felt drawn to Doug. An older colleague. A warm, thoughsomewhat shy new friend. And Pops's lover.So. Tim was prepared to make Doug's enemies his enemies. Stan had alreadytaken that position. Stan, for Doug's sake, hated a Rick Modarelli he'dnever seen. Totally partisan. Totally loyal.And Tim felt drawn to the same position.The difference was that Tim knew Richard Modarelli. Had spent an afternoonand an evening with him. Had been looking forward to having him as a newcolleague. Thought they had connected as friends.He'd always thought he was a pretty good judge of people. When he haddecided that the three university students who'd made his life Lolitas Top 100 hell for aweekend the previous spring were really decent guys who'd done somethingincredibly stupid, he made it a point to become their friend, to lead themgently to an acknowledgement of what they'd done. That had worked. Hisintuition Lolitas Top 100 about Mark, Trey, and Chaz had been right. And now they were allhis "brothers." He was part of the remarkable group which had expanded toinclude him, the "Brotherhood" that was such an important part of his life.And his instinct right then was still saying that Rick was that kind ofman, too. Fundamentally honorable, decent. He had the eyes of a sensitivesoul. No. Not just that. Sad eyes. Now that he thought about it,perhaps they were the eyes of a man who was carrying a load of guilt.Cedric quit snoring and moved a little.Perhaps that was it. Perhaps Rick HAD done something terrible to Doug.Tim wished Trey could have met Rick while he was on campus. Trey wouldhave known. Trey was an empath.But there was something else. It wasn't just loyalty to Stan and thereforeDoug that was bothering him. Tim realized that he himself felt somehowbetrayed. What was it? It had to do with his and Rick's being colleagues,fellow scholars. That was it. Scholarly integrity. Decency. Tim knew hewas more idealistic than some of his friends in the Ph.D. program atStanford. Maybe it Lolitas Top 100 came from his years at Kenyon. Come to think of it, itmay have come in part from Max, too. Max had always been his moral rock.But to Tim his teaching was something like a vocation in the early sense ofthe word. He felt called to learn, to unearth truth, to work with otherswho shared his commitment, and to share that knowledge with other seekers.That was an honorable thing to do with one's life. And the people who werehis mentors, the men and women whom he admired in the profession weredecent, honorable people, people of great integrity. To be a scholar and ateacher should be to model integrity. And, if what Stan said was indeedtrue, Rick, who had seemed to be a person he could admire and accept intothe community of scholars, was in fact lacking in decency. Lolitas Top 100 That, Timrealized, was why he felt almost personally betrayed.But, as his lover had insisted, he should approach things with an open minduntil he heard Rick's side of things. He suddenly felt he had to hear thatstory as soon as possible.Cedric rolled onto his side and put a hand on Tim's stomach, which he beganto rub gently."Got it figured out yet, love?""What?""You're lying here worrying about Doug and Rick, aren't Lolitas Top 100 you?""You're amazing.""Not really. I know you Lolitas Top 100 haven't been sleeping, and that had to be what waskeeping you awake. It's elementary, my dear Mead."Tim chuckled and rolled to face his lover. "Thanks for the explanation,Sherlock. Now, how would you like to go to Chicago for a weekend?"* * *JARED:Just about everyone I know who's my age has been looking forward to theireighteenth birthday. Why? I'm not sure. In some ways, it's just anotherbirthday. But it means something. We can serve in the military now, butin Ohio, we can't drink until we're twenty-one. So it's a sort ofmeaningless milestone. We have attained our majority in some ways, but notin others. Anyway, most of the dudes I know feel like somethingsignificant has happened when they turn eighteen. I had a special reasonto fee that way. If you've been reading this story, you know what it is.Dante and I got to make love when I turned eighteen! I said "make love"onpurpose. We didn't just want to have sex, though for sure that's involved.No, we wanted to show each other physically how much we loved each other.We'd had problems holding out. We were so hot for each other almost fromthe get-go it was difficult (I've taken too much teasing about saying howHARD it is) not to climb each other's frame every time we were together.Well, the big day finally came. But it was Jessie's birthday, too, sincewe're twins. The actual day fell on Wednesday, but we decided to celebrateit on the following Saturday. Mom wanted to have a big party and inviteall our friends. Dante wanted to take me for a romantic dinner for justthe two of us. But I HAD to be with Jess for a celebration of ourbirthdays. We'd always celebrated together, and I couldn't miss that, evenfor Danny.Jess stepped in and came up with a suggestion that worked for everybody. Ithink she pointed out to Mom that she, Jess, had lots of friends, but thatafter what I did the previous summer, I didn't have anyone much exceptDante. So she persuaded Mom to have a family dinner. She would invite hercurrent boyfriend, Kevin, and I could have Dante. I hadn't seen much ofKevin, but he knew about Dan and me, and he was cool with it, according toJessie.I always wanted chocolate cake and Jess always wanted a white cake, so Mommade a marble cake. And Lolitas Top 100 she put chocolate frosting on half of it andvanilla on the other. She did that every year. After dinner she broughtit in with 18 candles. It was no trouble for the two of us to blow themall out. My wish was that Dante and I could be together always, but, ofcourse, I didn't tell anybody.After the cake, Mom and Dad gave us our presents. Dante wanted to waituntil we were alone to give me mine, so Jessie and Kevin decided they'dwait, too.I think my folks must have known what Dante and I wanted to do for the restof the evening. I know Jess wasn't as close with Kevin, and I don't thinkshe was going to have sex with him that night. But the problem for thefolks was the double standard thing. I honestly think they were okay withDante and me doing it, but they weren't at all comfortable with the ideathat Jessie would be having sex. Ever! LOL.Anyway, after a lot of talk, we decided that on this birthday night we'dhave to be in at 1:00. I didn't like that. I wanted to spend all nightwith Danny, to sleep with him, to wake up the next morning with him, tohelp him with his morning wood, to take a morning shower with him. But ifJess couldn't do that with Kevin, and I don't even think she wanted to,then I understood why I couldn't do that with Danny. Jess and I willalways have our special thing, and I wasn't going to mess that up.Another problem was where Dan and I were going to do it. We talked aboutgetting a hotel room, but we didn't have enough money between us to getanything very nice. I knew he had to work to pay his college expenses.And I knew he'd buy me a present. So I didn't want him to be spendingmoney on an expensive hotel room.It was Steve that came to our rescue. Yeah, go figure. Steve, the guy Iwas guilty of "helping" beat up. He'd become so much like a big brother tome. He'd forgiven me and become my friend. We got together for burgersmost Saturday noons, so he knew just about everything that was on my mind.When I shared with him one day that Danny and I needed a place to celebrateme turning eighteen, he offered his apartment. He said he could spend thenight with Chaz and Trey, where he'd stayed when he was released from thehospital after we attacked him last summer. I still can't say that withoutwanting to hurl. I can't believe that I was ever a part of hurtinganybody, let alone such a great guy as Steve.When we found out that we couldn't stay out all night, I told Lolitas Top 100 Steve aboutour 1:00 curfew. He said he would be with Rebecca that late, so we couldjust use his place. He did say he'd put clean sheets on the bed and cleantowels in the bathroom. And he told me there'd be extra clean sheets outand that Danny and I would be expected to change the bed after using it. Iassured him that his bed would have the best hospital corners after we gotit changed. He laughed at that and said he supposed the two of us WOULDknow how to do that. He laughed again and said he hoped we knew how to dothe rest of the things on our agenda that evening.* * *DANTE:The birthday dinner at the Cousins' was much Lolitas Top 100 more relaxed than I was afraidit might be. Jare's parents had always been very nice to me, much nicerthan my folks were to him. The few times they saw him, they gave him whatlooked more like a grimace than a smile and didn't say any more than theyhad to. They had known I was gay since I was 14, but I had never broughtany guy home before Jared.Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Cousins were nice. And Jessie is a fantastic girl.She and Jared, like most twins, are very tight. She had been on our sideas soon as Jared confessed he thought he loved me. The only uncertainty, Isuppose, was Kevin. He was a senior at the high school where Jare and Jesswent, and he was a jock. I was worried that he'd be a problem, but, thoughhe was quiet, he seemed nice enough. He listened very carefully to whatwas being said at the dinner table, he laughed occasionally, and he didn'tseem particularly bothered because Jare and I were there as a couple. Ofcourse, we had decided beforehand not to hold hands or touch each other inthose special Lolitas Top 100 ways during dinner. No need rubbing anybody's noses in it.After Mrs. Cousins brought in the big cake, which had half white icing andhalf chocolate, everybody sang "Happy Birthday," and then the twins blewout their candles. The twins exchanged gifts first and then opened theirpresents from their parents.Soon after that, Jessie, Kevin, Jared, and I excused ourselves to get onwith our evenings. Jess and Kevin were going to hear a group called theDepraved Freakers at the University field house. Nobody was tactlessenough to ask where Jare and I were going or what we had planned. I thinkthey knew what we had planned and just didn't want to think too much aboutit.When we got to Steve's place, we found two long-stemmed champagne glassesand a note on the kitchen table. The note said to look in the fridge.There was a bottle of champagne with a tag on it that said, "HappyBirthday, Jared. Have a good time, you two lovebirds!" It was from Steve.Steve knew we couldn't legally drink out anywhere, but I guess he figuredit was okay at his place. I'd only met him once, but I decided I'd have toget in touch with him and thank him for making our dream come true.Even though I'd never done it before, I got the cork out of the bottle.Some of it foamed up out of the neck and spilled on the table, so Jared andI got the giggles. We mopped up the mess and filled the two glasses. ThenI gave him my birthday gift for him. The one that was all wrapped up, thatis. I had something else to give him later.He held up his glass Lolitas Top 100 to me and said, "To us, sweetheart." I touched hisglass with mine and said, "To us, babe." Then he opened my present.I had really stretched my budget when I bought him a white gold necklace inheavy links. When he saw it, he got tears in his eyes."Oh, Danny, this is fantastic! I'll never take it off. It means that Ibelong to you.""Well, Jare," I laughed, "it doesn't mean that you are my slave oranything. Just that you love me enough to wear it."He put Lolitas Top 100 down his glass, came around the table, sat on my lap, and gave methe best kiss we'd ever had. Then he said, "Yum. I like to tastechampagne when I kiss you. And I want to know where you got this chain,because that's what you're getting from me when you have your birthday inMay."Then we finished the champagne in our glasses. We tried to get the corkback in the bottle for later, but it wouldn't go, so we just put it back inthe fridge with some paper towel stuck down in the top.Then we headed for Steve's bedroom.* * *JARED:Wow! It was even greater than I'd expected. We were kind of awkward atfirst, especially me, but Danny was patient and gentle and tender and itwas just sooo beautiful.When we got to Steve's bedroom, we grabbed each other and started kissingand rubbing our hands all over each other. After all, we'd been lookingforward to that moment for months. But I realized we were going too fast,so I pushed away."What's wrong, babe?" Danny asked, looking concerned."Let's slow down. I really don't want either of us to come in our pantstonight."Dan gave me a quick peck on the lips and then grinned. "You're right. I'msorry. I've just wanted you so bad. But yeah, let's slow down. This isyour birthday and your first time. What do you want to do?"I sat on the edge of the bed. "First of all, would you just take off yourclothes for me? I've seen glimpses, but I want to see the whole package."He chuckled. "Let me start with my shirt. The package will be revealedlater." Then he surprised the shit out of me almost. He shut his eyes,got this smile on his face, and began swaying his hips. He was doing astrip dance for me! He pulled up the bottom of his sweater and slowly tookit over his head. Then he tossed it over his shoulder, and it landed in acorner.He closed his eyes about half way and gave me this sexy look. He startedto unbutton his shirt, and then he licked his lips. I thought I was goingto come on the spot! When he had the shirt off, he twirled it around aboutthree times and then tossed it in the general direction of his sweater.When he pulled his shirt out of his jeans, his tee came untucked, too. Hepulled the bottom of that up just enough to show me his belly button andthen pulled it back down. Next, very slowly, he pulled it up and uncoveredhis right nipple. And then he pulled it back down. Then he showed me theleft one. They were the size of quarters and dark, not like my little pinkones. I caught glimpses of a small patch of dark hair between his pecs,some more around his navel, and the top of his treasure trail."Danny, you're driving me crazy here. Take it off!""All in good time, big boy," he said in a voice so sexy I almost creamed.When he had finally removed the tee and tossed it after the sweater and theshirt, I saw he was going to have a problem."OK, sex-pot. You aren't gonna get your jeans off over those shoes. Sitdown here!"He wiggled his eyebrows and sat down on the bed. I dropped to the floorand unlaced and then removed his ankle-high winter boots. Then I took offhis socks. I took a moment to hold and run my hand over each foot. Then,experimentally, I ran my fingertips along the soles of his feet. He pulledhis feet up and began to laugh."Oh, don't do that! It tickles!""OK, then, are you gonna continue the dance, or do you want me to help youwith these jeans?""I think we've had enough dancing, don't you?""For now, maybe. But you gotta do that again for me sometime. Right now,though I'm still waiting for the rest of the `package'."So he stood up while I stayed on my knees. I unfastened and unzipped hisjeans and pulled them down. He was wearing black boxer briefs, and therewas a big tent in them. He must have been pretty uncomfortable with allthat stuffed into his jeans. I noticed about then that my dick was feelingpretty crowded in my jeans, too.But there I was, on my knees, staring at his beautiful hard Lolitas Top 100 cock. I'd readin stories about guys having a single drop of precum on the tip of theirdicks, and there it was. His cock was about six inches, same as mine, butit was a lot bigger around. It was standing straight out from a thick bushof black, curly hair. I noticed, though, that he had shaved his balls forme, like I had done for him. I just had to lick off that drop of precum.When I did, Dan shuddered."I know this is your night, Jare, but please let me see you naked before wedo anything else. I mean, you gave me a nice preview that night when youwere wagging your dick at me in our closet, but I want to see the wholeman, too. Stand up and Lolitas Top 100 let me help you."I sat on the floor and took off my shoes, then stood up, and with Danny'shelp was standing in front of him, naked except my socks, which I'dforgotten, and my new neck chain.My dick was as hard as his. He reached out and gently put his hand aroundit. "Nice, babe, nice. And you've got nice low-hangers there, too."When I put my hand around his cock Lolitas Top 100 I was amazed at how hot it was and howgreat it felt. I couldn't get over how smooth and hard it was at the sametime.So there we were, holding each other's peckers, and looking into eachother's eyes."What next, birthday boy?""You're the one with experience, hotshot, you tell me."He squeezed my cock and said, "I'd love to get my mouth on this nice pieceof tubesteak.""Well, how about we 69? I've been SO wanting to do that with you.""Yeah, sounds good."We turned back the top sheet and the blanket on Lolitas Top 100 Steve's bed and got in. Welay on our sides, head to toe, facing each other. I had to bend a littleat the waist because I'm taller than Danny, but we managed to fit. It wasso much all at once I don't quite know how to describe it. I'd alwaysimagined what a blow job would be like, and I'd tried to duplicate thefeeling with my hand and some body lotion (I was never willing to risk Momfinding lube in my nightstand table), but Dan's mouth on my cock was likenothing I'd ever experienced before. It was unbelievable! And there wasthe suction! It felt so good I groaned.Danny moaned after that to show me how good he felt, and did it ever feelgreat! I Lolitas Top 100 guess it was then that I realized I was supposed to be doingsomething with his cock besides just hold it in my mouth, so I began tryingto do to him what he was doing to me. Pretty soon he started making soundsthat let me know he liked what I was doing.I was glad we were in Steve's apartment and not in my bedroom, because wewere moaning and grunting and slurping and generally making a lot of noise.I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. What Danny was doing to my dick wasbetter than anything I'd ever imagined. I even licked and sucked on hissmooth balls for a while.Just when I was beginning to fear I might come, he pulled off."What's wrong? Did I do something?"He grinned at me. "No, babe, but I want to try another position. Theangle's wrong here. Let me lie on my back and you get on your hands andknees and stick your cock into my mouth.""Like this?""Yeah, babe, now let it down gently. Don't try fucking my throat yet.""Yet?" He was going to let me fuck his throat? Ohmygod! He put his handson my butt and gently pulled my dick further and further into his mouth.Before I had a chance to realize what he was doing, my pubes were againsthis face. He had me all the way in! I was down his throat, and it felt soamazing! I could feel his throat muscles on my cock, and that was evenbetter than before.When Lolitas Top 100 he began pushing up on my hips, I realized he was having troublebreathing, so I pulled clear out. "Oh, Danny, I'm sooo sorry! I didn'tknow that would happen. Are you OK?""Yeah, it's cool, sweetheart. Just let me work my head up and down on yourcock for a while. I'll do everything. You just have to stay put. And youcan suck on mine again if you want to."I felt terrible again because I was so into what he was doing to me that Iforgot this was supposed to be a 69. I began sucking and licking his cock.Experimentally, I tried to see how much of his cock I could take. When ithit the back of my mouth, though, I began to gag and had to raise up offhis cock.Then he pushed my hips up again. "It's OK, Jared. Don't try to swallow mycock tonight. There's plenty of time to work on that gradually. Just suckon it like you were before."So, I went back to just sucking and licking what I could comfortably takeof his tool in my mouth, and he went back to deep-throating me. I don'tknow whether he was actually enjoying what I was doing, but he was reallyturning me on. Maybe he did like it, for he kept moaning as he sucked andbobbed. Then he quit bobbing, and I began to gently fuck his throat. Idon't know the words to explain what that was like, but it was fantastic.Another thing that happened was that I found I enjoyed the taste of hisprecum. In fact there was something really beautiful about just having hisdick in my mouth. I wanted so bad to give him pleasure, of course, but Iwas surprised at how good it felt just to have my mouth wrapped around histool.I don't know how much longer we went at it like that, but before I wantedto, I knew I was going to cum. I lifted my head and warned him that I wasabout to shoot and tried to lift my hips so he could get out of the waybefore I did, but he held me firmly in place and growled. I got it that hewanted me to cum in his mouth. I think I howled as I came. I sure neverhad an orgasm like that before. I was afraid I'd choke him with cum, buthe held me tight until after the last spasm.When I took my still hard cock out of his mouth, I rolled over on my side.He got up, turned around, and took me in his arms. Then he kissed me, andI could taste my cum. It sounds gross, but I found it extremely beautiful.After the kiss, he just held me, rubbing my back with one hand and Lolitas Top 100 rufflingmy hair with the other."Jare, I love you, man."I began to cry."Oh, shit, I shouldn't have said that! I'm sorry, is it too soon? Youaren't ready? Fuck!"I put my finger on his lips and smiled at him."Will you just stuff it, Rappolo? I'm crying because I've never been sohappy. I love you, and it is just so sweet to hear you tell me you loveme."He kissed my forehead, and we lay there for a while longer.Then I said, "Hey, I think I'd like some more of that champagne. And I'llbet you'd like to get the taste of cum out of your mouth."He ran his fingers down my cheek and said, "I love the taste of your cum,babe, but, yeah, I'd like some more champagne."So bare-ass naked, we went into Steve's kitchen and poured some morechampagne. This time Dan lifted his glass and said, "Happy birthday,lover."I lifted my glass, grinned at him, and drank. Then, holding my glass up, Isaid, "To us, lover." And we both drank again. It was pretty mushy, but Ididn't care. I was feeling different than I've ever felt before.We had the rest of the champagne, rinsed out the glasses and put them inthe drainer by the sink, put the bottle in the trash under the sink, andwent back to the bedroom.I was beginning to feel a buzz. I thought it might be because I was sohappy, but looking back I suppose the champagne had something to do withit. When we got to the bedroom, I said to Dante, "I'm still the birthdayboy, right?""Sure are, babe.""So I get what I want, right?""Yeah, if I can give it to you.""I want you to fuck me."He looked serious. "You sure, Jare? I mean I thought for your first timeyou'd want to do me.""I know you will go slow and be gentle. I've just had the greatest come ofmy life. Now, it's your turn to come. And I want to feel what it's liketo have that delicious dick of yours up my other end. I want to know whatit's like to be fucked, and I wouldn't want anybody to do that but you,Dante Rappolo!"He smiled. "OK, if you're sure. And you'll have to tell me if it hurts.We'll take it at your speed.""Yeah. Steve said there'd be lube in the nightstand drawer. Now, how doyou want me?""Well, it's a little easier to do it doggie style, but I want to watch yourface, so lie down on your back and pull your knees up against yourshoulders for now."The lube felt cold against my asshole when he first put it there, but soonI was adjusting to his finger sliding slowing up my chute. Now I admitI've done that to myself, but it never felt as good as when Danny did it.I was a little uncomfortable at first when he took his first finger out andthen put two back in. But he wiggled them around, and he'd hit my nutoccasionally, and then I'd Lolitas Top 100 grunt and see stars.When he put three in, I really grunted. "Ooof, hold it a minute, Dan. Letme get used to that.""Sorry, babe. Want me to take that third finger out?""No way. I want as much of you inside me as I can get. Just let me adjustto the tight feeling."He kept his hand very still with the fingers up my ass and began licking myballs. Before long I was wiggling my ass all over the place, and thosefingers felt wonderful as he moved them around, stroking my nut andstretching my sphincter."OK, stud. I think I'm ready."Well, I thought I was. He seemed to take a long time lubing up his dick.Then he put the head against my hole and pressed. I knew right away thiswas going to be different from the fingers. He looked down at me andasked, "Ready?"I was scared, but I nodded yes. He leaned forward.It seemed to me the head of his dick popped through my muscle right away.And it hurt like hell. I was determined not to yell or complain, but Icouldn't keep tears from coming to my eyes, and Danny saw them."Baby, I'm sorry this hurts. I can pull out if you really want me to, butI think if we just stay like this for a minute, you'll adjust."He was right. There was some pain at first, but it soon went away. Itried to smile. "Give me a little more of that love stick, Danny."He took it slow and just moved his cock in little bits at a time. It wasthe first entry that hurt most. But his cock was a lot bigger than threefingers, and I was afraid I'd asked for something I couldn't handle. Ididn't want to disappoint him, so I was willing to take whatever pain therewas.He could see my face, though, and I couldn't hide what I was feeling. Hekept asking me if I wanted him to take it out, but I kept shaking my headno and trying to take deep breaths.Finally, something happened. I still felt incredibly full, but the painbecame a kind of dull ache. I figured we'd just as well get on with it, soI said, "Fuck me easy, lover."And he began to Lolitas Top 100 move out real slow and then back in, slow and gentle. Thatwas fuckin' fantastic, or fantastic fuckin', I guess. Before long I forgotabout the feeling of fullness and the ache and concentrated on how good itfelt to have that cock sliding in and out of me. Once in a while he'd hitmy prostate, and I'd yelp. He started doing that more and more.Before long I was encouraging him to do it faster and deeper, and he did.The first time he came I was really disappointed `cause I assumed it wasall over. But he collapsed on me and began kissing me. His dick never gotsoft, and after some really nice tongue dueling, he pushed himself back upand began to slide in and out of me again.This time, he really began to pound in and out. We both got sweaty, andhis sweat was dripping on to me, and I loved that. I reached up and beganto twist and pinch his nips as he plowed my ass. For a while, I must havezoned out. I just got lost in having this incredible hunk as my lover,having him inside me. I felt so complete, like I had been waiting for thismoment all my life. But all that hitting my nut had its results. I cameall over my belly and chest without even touching my prick. And then Dannycame for the second time. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, andthat was so great! This time his cock did go limp, and after he was lyingon me again, it sort of popped out. I could still feel both his loads ofcum sort of squishing around inside me. I wanted it to stay in thereforever. Lolitas Top 100 I hated to have him pull out. We were connected when he was inmy mouth, in my ass, and I wanted to stay connected with him. Who knew sexcould be so great?We snuggled Lolitas Top 100 awhile, but the cum began to dry on my chest, and I thoughtwe'd better take a shower. Reluctantly, Danny agreed. So we showered,stripped the bed, put the towels and sheets in the hamper where Steve hadtold us to, and put fresh towels in the bathroom and fresh sheets on thebed. We wrote a note to Steve and left it on the kitchen table. I placedthe apartment key on the note, and we left. We decided we'd have to figureout some kind of gift to thank him for being so good to us.When we got to my house, it was almost 1:00. I asked Dante if he had anysort of curfew at his place, and he said no. I could tell from the lightsthat my folks had gone to bed. It was nice to know they trusted me to bein when I'd promised."Dan, I want you to come in and sleep with me. We'll set the alarm so youcan get up and out before anyone wakes up.""Hey, Jare, that's pretty risky, isn't it? What happens if we get caught?""Well, they know what we've been doing. I don't think it would be the endof the world. But we'll just be sure they don't know. We won't doanything but cuddle until we go to sleep. Please?" I put on my best puppydog look.He grinned. "How could I say no to that face?"We were very quiet. When we passed Jessie's door, though, it was Lolitas Top 100 open andshe was Lolitas Top 100 sitting in her reading chair. I put a finger against my lips. Shewaved at us, winked, and turned off her light. We made it to my roomwithout any problems.We set my alarm, stripped out of our clothes, peed, rinsed our mouths withmouthwash, and climbed into bed, where we snuggled down under the covers.I wanted to stay awake so I could enjoy holding Dan and having him hold me.Before I knew what was happening, the alarm went off. It was still darkoutside, and no one in my family was stirring. Lolitas Top 100 Danny got dressed, kissedme until I almost passed out, and quietly left. I wondered when he startedhis car if my folks heard it, but if they did they never said anything.Since it was so early, I crawled back under the covers. I didn't go backto sleep, though. I was just lying there feeling like the luckiest guy onthe planet Lolitas Top 100 and looking forward to many more beautiful times with my sweetDanny.To be continued.
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